I Am Not a Piece of Meat

I Am Not a Piece of Meat is an artwork commissioned by Create – the national development agency for collaborative arts in Ireland – with the support of CAPP (Collaborative Art Partnership Programme), which is co-funded by the European Union Creative Europe Programme. 

Conceived and written by Anna Furse
Produced by Lynnette Moran | Live Collision
Graphic Design / Web Development Dave Darcy
Title Sequence Kilian Waters
Sound Composition David Coulter
Digital Producer and Creative Consultant Lynnette Moran
Research Assistant Nina Klaff
Administrative & Production Assistant Natasha Eves
Commissioned by Create Ireland, CAPP

The author wishes to give special thanks to Lynnette Moran, co-founder of CAPP, former Producer for Create Ireland, Artistic Director of Live Collision Festival, and Producer for Athletes of the Heart, for her inviting this 3-year Residency that has resulted in this digital artwork.